Sneak Peek

Check it out to get a sneak peek at my second book.




So I updated my newest edit of Chapter 1- It had been awhile and I had forgotten the changes I had made.

I also started another blog. Its’

It’s my author blog- You will get sneak peeks of the books I am working on. I would love your feed back.

Also I discovered something yesterday……. It’s called Wattpad. Its a place for writers to post their work and get feed back. I am thinking about posting on it. One girl has had over 13 MILLON!!!!! views of her book. She is being published now. So what do you think? I would love your opinions’ about it. Should I post? Please comment. I am getting over 100 hits in 24 hours so I know your reading this 🙂

Until later…….



Sad news

It was brought to my attention this past week that due to the failing health of one of the owners of my publishing company (sadly she has brain cancer) that they will be shutting their doors. I understand her need to take care of herself and wish her a quick and pain free recovery. I just lost a friend yesterday to cancer. So i know how hard it can be on those around you. Her best friend is the other owner and she doesn’t want to do it without her. Again I can’t blame her.

So where does this leave The Amulet? Never fear all hope is not lost. I have already had 2 publishing companies that wanted to publish it-so i am hoping for the third times a charm. I have already started submitting it out there. This time i am trying a little different approach. I am starting with Literary agents first.  So wish me luck and i will keep you all posted.


Under contract

Well it happened. I am under contract to publish The Amulet- I am so excited and a little scared. It is going to the editors now, so i will keep you all posted! thanks for all your support- please leave a comment if you read what you like.

I am already 140 pages done with the second book for the series. I am also working on 2 other projects.

They like me! They really do!!

Yesterday i received a call about my book. A publishing company is really interested in publishing it. They really enjoyed the story and think a lot of people would like it too! I am thrilled that someone is interested in it. It gives me hope that i might get my story out there to the rest of the world. You never know what could happen but for now i am just happy that people are looking at my book and enjoying what they are seeing.

As promised

Wow! I can say that i am feeling the love-as promised chapter 2- just click on the link at the top of the page-remember let me know what you thought!

Here we go again

Well i can safefly say that I have taken a looooong  break from trying to get my book published. I have been busy trying to get my hubby a new job-well he finally did! It is a great one with AWESOME benefits. So now after our move and some unpacking done i have some time to redirect my attention. I would ask that you share my blog with friends- you never know how word of mouth can spread. 🙂

I had 8 views of my blog on friday-when i have 15 in one day i will post the 2nd chapter……