Chapter 2

2-No Mirage

I inhaled deeply trying to keep my knees from knocking together. I tried to remember how to put one foot in front of the other. It was not very easy to do. How could I forget how to walk and breathe all in one moment? He looked even better today than he had last night. So he was real after all? I had convinced myself that he had been a Mirage. I was beginning to think the heat was playing tricks on my mind. Just like his sister, James looked like he stepped out of a fashion magazine. He was wearing a navy pullover top that just skimmed his chest and a pair of jeans that I was sure cost as much as I paid for my car.

I looked down at my sundress, leggings, and worn out converse and thought about the loose braid in my hair. For the second time in 24 hours I wished the ground would swallow me up. Why did he have to be in my class? Couldn’t I have had some kind of warning? No. I could have never guessed that my beautiful boy from the desert was real and attending my school. James was surrounded by 5 or 6 girls including Ashley. They were all vying for his attention. He looked at ease with the throng of girl admirers. He smiled easily at all of them giving them each just enough attention. I forced myself to my seat and hid behind my Math book. I knew there was no way of competing with all the girls wanting his interest. I was incredibly plain and he was mind blowingly beautiful.

Mrs. Stratton started class and called James to the front to introduce himself to the class. I was sure he had already done it in home room but I also knew it would be something he would do in every class today. By the end of the day everyone at Red Rocks High would know who he was if they didn’t already. He walked confidently to the front and waited a moment to begin. “Hi, my name is James Jackson I just moved to town with my twin sister Eva.” There were low whistles from the guys in class over the mention of Eva. Mrs. Stratton cleared her throat and gave the boys a stern look. “Continue James.” She said with a little too much excitement.

“Not really much to tell. We moved here to live with My Uncle and I like to hike.” As he said this I could feel that his eyes were on me. I hid deeper into my Math book and tried not to look up. “I am excited to get to know all of you and Red Rocks better.” With that he walked back to his seat. I could have sworn I heard all the girls swoon as he walked past them. Several times during class I peeked out of the corner of my eye to try and get a look at him. I could see many of the other girls weren’t shy about staring at him thru out class. Mrs. Stratton was business as usual. I was glad she didn’t call on me, on a normal day I had problems with numbers today I had problems remembering my name. When the bell rang it was like a stampede of girls trying to follow after James. He walked slowly out of the classroom, trying to make his way thru the increasing number of girls. To see them fawning over him I was a little embarrassed for them. I mean I knew better than to go after him but none of the others even gave the other girls a second look. After my next class ended Ashley ran up to me gushing about how cute, sweet and amazing the new guy was. James, James, James was all I could hear for the first few moments.

“Oh Emma, I think he likes me.” She gushed. “He smiled at me and asked all about me.” Ashley was so pretty and popular, head cheerleader and friends with everyone. Ashley had curly caramel brown hair that always seemed perfectly in place and eyes so blue some days they looked purple. I never understood how she could be friends with me. There was nothing special about me. I could see how James would like her.

“That’s great Ashley,” I responded with a lump in my throat. Why wouldn’t he like her? The boys lined up just to get two words from her. I knew there would be no competition if James wanted Ashley. Ashley continued on about her plans for James. I nodded in all the right spots and agreed when questioned. After all, that’s what friends do. I never told her about our run-in at my favorite spot or the way he made my heart and knees quake. Even though she was my best friend it was my special place just for me. It was the one thing I kept only for me. Walking to my car at the end of the day I passed many kids and they were all talking about the new arrivals. You would have thought that royalty had landed in Red Rocks. It was funny how all the girls were conspiring on how to make Eva their best friend so they could get close to James. All the boys were trying to figure out how to capture Eva’s attention. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she had a group of them running around doing her bidding. It wouldn’t take much just a bat of her eyes and they would be her slaves. I had passed James after lunch in the hall and when it looked like he was going to say something I ran the other way.

Passing car after car I then noticed him and his sister climbing into their car. I was amazed at the splendor of it. I never paid much attention about cars but I could tell this one was nice. It was bright red and shiny just like James and Eva. I could hear Cody talking to Mark about James’s car. “Yah, it’s an Audi TT Roadster. They are supposed to be super fast and even more expensive.” Mark let out a low whistle, I never understood guys thrill or love of cars. I looked down at my old Camry and thought that we both fit our cars well. James and Eva were both shiny and beautiful.

I was plain, and unexciting. Wishing I could be more like Eva or Ashley so that I could have a chance to gain his attention I climbed in and headed home. Arriving home was the same story, note on the table about dinner from Mom and silence everywhere I looked. I was relieved I didn’t want to talk about school and all that had happened today. I decided that I needed to get some energy out so I dressed in shorts and a tank top and headed to my spot. It was such a hot day today. It had reached 115 degrees and I could see the heat rising off the rocks. I was starting to wonder if it was ever going to cool down this year. Maybe there was something to this global warming thing. By the time I reached my rock I was drenched in sweat. My hands were burnt in places but it felt good. Even though I had pulled my hair up there were pieces that had fallen and out and were sticking to my neck. I longed for the cool ocean air. But I needed to think and this was the best place for it.

My mind had been 100 different places today and I decided to concentrate on the one thing I could control. I had been trying to decide if I should search out my birth parents. I knew that my birth mother was 17 when she had given me up and my 17th birthday was approaching quickly. I couldn’t imagine having to make that huge of decision. Lately I had been feeling like a part of me was missing like I didn’t fit in. I didn’t even feel like I fit in my skin most days. I didn’t know if it was just being 16 or if it was something more. I had been feeling like something was off with me for awhile and I was beginning to wonder if finding them would be the answer. After all wouldn’t knowing where I came from help me to understand who I was? As I sat there I looked down the mountain I could never get over the beauty of Red Rocks. It looked like someone had hand carved all the rocks. On a hot day like today it looked like heated lava flowing down the mountain side.

Just then I heard my name being called, “Emma?” I turned and there stood James. It was like seeing him for the first time. My heart raced and my face flushed. I tried to remember how to speak “Hi” I managed to whisper. He probably was starting to think that I could only speak in one word sentences. With a big grin on his face he said “We have to stop meeting like this” then he laughed. I sure that he was thinking he had a stalker on his hands. I couldn’t help but laugh too.

“Wow, you sure were in a hurry earlier today?” James teased me. “I am surprised you noticed with all your fans around.” I tried to say it in a joking matter but it just sounded sad. James let out a deep breath, “It’s just because I’m the new flavor in town, by tomorrow they will be James who.” I laughed even harder at the idea that anyone would ever be able to forget him or his piercing blue eyes. “I highly doubt that, but it you want to live in the land of denial I won’t stop you.” I retorted.

He gave me a strange look like he didn’t understand my observation. Surely he had to know that all the attention that followed him was not a onetime thing. I would be surprised if his whole life hadn’t been filled with adoring girls. “Well, either way I will be glad when I can walk down the hall without be noticed.” This surprised me! He seemed so at ease with all of the attention. But I highly doubted James could go anywhere without being noticed maybe he was used to all the girls staring and throwing themselves at him. James casually sat next to me. I didn’t think my heart could handle having him so close to me. I tried to control my body from shaking. He picked up a rock and threw it. “So what brings you here?” James asked. I was startled by his question and didn’t have time to think of anything but the truth.

“This is my favorite thinking place.” He smiled at my answer or was it the fact that my voice was shaking? He looked like he was searching for more answers so I continued “I have been coming here almost every day since I was 5 and until yesterday the only other person I have ever seen here was my Dad.” Did I really just say that? Why did I feel like I could say anything to this boy I had just met? I mean I had never even told my best friend about my secret spot. “Oh” James replied, a sheepish look crossed his face. He looked almost guilty, what would he have to feel guilty about?

“I hope you’re not upset I’m here.” Ha! I thought upset that this amazingly beautiful person was next to me, I don’t think so. “No,” I replied “I don’t own the Mountain.” I said with a smile crossing my lips. James chuckled at my remark. “So?” my curiosity was building. “What brings you to Red Rocks?” I knew I would probably never get to talk to him one on one again, not with all of his fans following him around school, so I went for it. James was staring out into the horizon, “Well my parents were killed in a car wreck 4 years ago, we have been living in Hawaii ever since with an Aunt but,” he paused and I regretted that I had asked and brought the look of pain to his face. I couldn’t imagine losing my parents. I spoke up trying to break the moment of pain I had caused. I wanted to erase the look of pain that echoed in his eyes.

“I am really sorry, for your loss.” I wasn’t sure how to comfort him and I instinctively reached out and touched his hand. Wow! It felt like my hand had been shocked, but not in a painful way. I felt a fire build from my fingertips and grow to my stomach. I quickly pulled my hand back in embarrassment. I had to remember who he was and how these feelings I was starting to feel would never be returned. After all how could someone like him want to be with someone like me? James turned his head and gave me a little smile. I had to remind myself to breathe. This was becoming a pattern whenever I was around him. You would think he should wear a sign warning those around him to breathe in and out. “It’s ok it just makes me sad, when I think about my parents. I wish they were still here.”

James then turned and looked me head on, I was overheated and it was not just from the 115 degree day. “Well our Aunt and her husband were transferred overseas for the Army. Eva and I didn’t want to go, so we ended up in Red Rocks instead.” James paused. “It’s hard having to start over in a new place and not know anyone.” I nodded. I didn’t know what I would do if I had to leave everything I knew and start over. I had enough problems living day to day in a life I had lived for 16 years. James continued, “Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that my Uncle took us in. It just that sometimes I just wish my life could be the same as it used to be.” James was quiet for several minutes. I didn’t know if he wanted me to speak or if he was going to continue.

“So what heavy duty thinking brought you here today?” James asked with a curious smile. For one of the first times in my life I answered without thinking and said “I am trying to decide if I should search for my birth parents.” Biting my tongue I flushed red. I had not even told my Parents or best friend yet, so why could I tell him things I wasn’t ready to say out loud to anyone else. I was already kicking myself for my slip. I normally was so guarded with people. “Wow! So you’re adopted?” James asked. “Yes,” choosing my words I needed to think thru my words a little more carefully.

“I just recently thought about starting to look for my birth family.” James sat quietly for a moment looking out at the horizon. “I think that’s really a brave thing to do.” This brightened my mood. “Thank you it’s a scary prospect. I don’t know what’s worse knowing or not knowing.” James nodded his head in agreement. I felt like a weight had been lifted. “Yes, what you don’t know can’t disappoint you.” I felt like he knew my inner thoughts and feelings in just one conversation. How was that? I also got the impression he wasn’t just talking about me anymore. There was a lot more to James than he was telling me of that I was sure.

“Exactly.” I whispered. It was nice to be able to actually talk to someone about it. After watching the sun dip behind the tops of the mountains I stood up brushing myself off, “Well, I better get going.” I paused and turned back to James. His eyes were blazing in the twilight. My heart caught in my throat. Was I really this lost over a boy I had only met yesterday? I turned away from his stare to assemble my thoughts. “My Mom will get worried if I’m not back before dark.” I admitted. James stood, reaching out with his right hand and spinning me around. He then looked down directly into my eyes and said “I’m really glad you needed your thinking spot today.” My heart started to race, feeling like James eyes were penetrating through my head, heart, and soul all at once.

My breath quickened as I tried to respond. “I um, um…. I guess I will see you at school.” Once again i was left feeling like an idiot in front of this beautiful boy. As I turned to go James grabbed me again by my right arm. “Wait Emma,” Turning back to face him, I tried to keep my cool. It was not the easiest thing to do. After all I was standing less than a foot away from him. “Can I at least make sure you make it to your car?” I didn’t know how to respond.

“After all what kind of guy would I be if I let you go off in the wilderness by yourself?” I thought about explaining how I could make it back to my car with a blindfold on but seeing the look on James face I knew better then argue. “Ok” I relented while nodding my head in rhythm with my heart. For the first time in months I felt at peace and my feelings of being unsettled were gone. Walking into my house my thoughts were still back at my rock and with James. Hearing music coming from the kitchen, along with sizzling sounds of dinner surprised me. Mom was home? It wasn’t even 7 o’clock yet. That almost never happened.

“Hi Honey, I got home early and decided to actually cook.” Emily Harrison said. I smiled at my Mom and thought how I could never have a better mother. Emily had shoulder length blonde hair and periwinkle blue eyes. She stood a couple of inches shorter than I did and always looked like she was ready for her close up. Her hair was never out of place and she always wore the newest fashion. It was her weakness. It was something I defiantly had not inherited from her. Always having a smile on her face, she welcomed me home “So honey, let me guess you were at your rocky spot again?” Mom never understood my love for the outdoors. Emily and dirt never did get along. Hiking was always something just for me and my Dad. “Yes Mom, just needed to get some air.”

Mom gestured toward the phone. “There are a couple of messages for you on the answering machine.” I guessed that it was probably Ashley, after all nobody else ever called me. I walked over to the machine and pressed play. “Emma, its Ashley please call me when you get home.” There was a 2nd message. “Emma where are you? Call me!” The 3rd message was much more annoyed. “Emma why aren’t you home? I need to talk to you now!!! Call me!!!” I decided I better put her out of her misery and call her back. I picked up the phone; I couldn’t understand what had Ashley so worked up.

On the first rang Ashley picked up “Hello.” “Hi Ash it’s me” Ashley squealed with delight! “Oh Emma, you’re never going to guess what happened.” I couldn’t image what could make her so filled with joy. She sounded like a little kid who had gotten the bike they wanted for Christmas. I couldn’t imagine what could have happened to make her so excited. “Don’t know Ash, what happened?” I was honestly curious at this point. “Oh Emma, I was at the gas station and guess who I ran into?” not even pausing for me to answer “James!!! Oh he looked so cute!” Ashley continued without giving me a chance to talk or even breathe. “He was all sweaty and gorgeous.” Ashley stopped for a breath and all I could do was whisper. “Really?” Ashley didn’t even notice my lack of excitement, as she continued on “I really think he likes me, we talked for like 10 minutes and he smiled at me the whole time!” “Tomorrow I am going to make him notice me, and you have to help me.” Ashley declared.

I knew she would need no help with being noticed by anyone. Thinking back to my conversation with James I realized he was probably just being polite to me. He would probably not even notice me tomorrow, not when he had girls like Ashley wanting him. It surprised me how much the thought of this hurt me. I felt my chest folding in on itself. Taking a deep breath to steady my breathing “Sure Ashley, like you’ll need any help.” Wanting to end the conversation I said, “So I’ll see you in the morning, nite.” Walking back into the kitchen my Mom noticed a change in my mood. “Is there something wrong Em?” She always could tell when a foul mood was looming.

I knew she would ask more questions if she thought it was true, so I lied. “No Mom, just tired I guess.” I didn’t like lying to her, but I knew it would create a new world of problems if she knew the truth. Sometimes NOT telling the truth was the best policy. “Well that’s what happens when you spend your free time climbing Mountains.” Mom laughed. I joined in her laughter. Leave it to my Mom to always brighten my day. As we sat down for dinner we talked about school, and each other’s day. “Oh,” Mom started as if she just remembered something. I looked up. I wish I would have know where her thoughts were going. “I heard Mayor Wright’s family had grown.” This was the last topic that I wanted to talk about. “Yes, His niece is really beautiful.” Hoping that would end her questions but knowing better. “Have you met his nephew?” My Mom asked. She always wanted to talk to me about boys but there never had been one I was interested in, until now.

Not wanting to lie again to my Mom but not wanting to share everything. “Yes he’s in my Math class.” Knowing that this conversation could go nowhere good, I stood up “Well I better get in the shower; I know you don’t want all this red dirt all over my white sheets.” My Mom cringed. “Oh please no! I could never get the last stains out of your other bedding.” I headed up the stairs and decided that I was finished thinking about James and his beautiful eyes. I could hear my Mom mumbling to herself as I shut the door to my room. Opening up my French doors I walked out to my balcony, I turned back and looked at my room I was so glad that Mom and I had redone it for my 16th birthday. It used to be filled with pink in every corner, every little girls fantasy. Now it looked more like a hotel room on a beach. We had worked on it the months leading to me spending the summer in Oregon. I had felt so at home with Aunt Hope and Uncle Mike like I had always lived there. I had been born in a small town in Oregon and spent the first couple of weeks of my life there before my Mom and Dad had found me and made me a part of their family. Maybe that’s why I felt so comfortable there, but I would never give up my love of Red Rocks and the Southern Utah desert. It was part of me now.

Dad likes to joke that I had red dust running thru my blood. I turned and looked out into the darkness, I couldn’t see much with the sun down for the day but I knew every tree and house by heart. I was hoping the hot water would clear my head and hopefully my heart. As the hot water ran over me I forced my thoughts back to the beach this summer and how peaceful the surf had been. This was one of my happy places and it always calmed my thoughts. I knew I was just putting off my homework and more then that I knew when I was done then I would have nothing left to do but think of James.

Cracking open my math book I got angry at myself! Why was I doing this? I was not the type to get all head over heels for a boy and sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings, NEVER! That was so not me. I would go ahead and help Ashley with her James project and then I would never have to think about the way he looked at me on the mountain or how it felt when I touched his hand. I slammed the book closed! By the time I climbed into bed my mind was calm and ready for sleep. As I slept visions of bright red rocks mixed with calming blue seas. I dreamed of flying over the ocean, arms out stretched and free. I felt ready to go and rested as I awoke the next morning. As usual I threw on the first thing I found. I had learned a long time ago that I would never be the most stylish in school. I never really cared that much. I knew girls who spent hours getting ready in the mornings. Me, I would rather sleep. My older sister always helped with my outfit’s before she went off to school. I was on my own now, I didn’t mind so much but I missed the days of sitting up late talking with Amy. She was the one and only person I could tell anything to and never feeling judged. I ran down the stairs and grabbed a yogurt and water I was late and didn’t have time for anything more. I arrived at school and prepared myself for Ashley and her James plan.

Walking into home room I was glad I was running late today. Ashley didn’t have time to talk strategy with me before the last bell rang. I purposely avoided looking in the direction of Eva; I didn’t want to be reminded of James or our conversation last night. Mr. Cox started class and I tried to pay attention to what he was saying but the whole hour I spent trying not to think about James. As soon as the bell rang I sprang to my feet and made a beeline for the door. I could hear Ashley call my name but I wasn’t ready to have a recap of her conversation with James. I went to my next class and was thankful for the mixed up schedule today. That way I wouldn’t have to try and not watch James for the whole hour. It was Homecoming week and we had our annual pep-rally today.

We were then all herded into the gym for a pep rally. We were playing our town rivals in the Homecoming Game tonight. The school was littered with banners and streamers. I was by myself because Ashley was performing for the pep rally. I saw James walk in with Eva and all eyes were on the beautiful new twosome. I was so embarrassed after our last meeting I kept my head down. They sat 2 rows down from me and to the right. They were surrounded with kids who were trying to steal a moment of their attention. Both of them looked bored. Mr. Patterson our principal called us to attention, he then made his speech about “Go Tigers, this and Go tigers that.” I was too busy watching in the direction of James to even care about the words that came out of his mouth. I saw James turn 4 different times in my direction and caught me looking at him. Each time the shade of red deepened in my face. The last time I felt it spread down my neck and thru both of my shoulders. He must be ready to send me to a padded cell. I knew I was. I couldn’t imagine why he was having this affect on me? I had always been so rational and calm and collected. Who knew a boy could turn my world upside down? I remember my sister getting all googlie eyed over boys and I used to laugh.

My Dad used to say “You just wait one of these days it will be your turn.” I always thought I was too logical for it. And yet here I was daydreaming over a boy! Not just any boy either, a boy that had every girl in school daydreaming. The cheerleaders took the floor to perform their program. Most of their eyes were on James while they performed. They looked at him as if he was the only one in the whole auditorium. I was always in awe when they took the floor. I could dance pretty well in my room with nobody watching, but I would have had a heart attack having to do it if front of 100’s of people. They were dancing to a popular song and most of the student body was singing along. It was one of those perfect teen moments. After leading the student body in a fight cheer we were excused for the day. It couldn’t have come soon enough for me.

I was heading back to my locker to grab my things to head home for the day when I ran into Mark. “Hey Emma, are you all ready for Homecoming?” He asked me excited. I never understood all the excitement about boys playing tackling dummies. “Sure, Sure” I answered. I didn’t want to tell him that it was too boring to me and that I would rather watch paint dry. And I really didn’t want to tell him that all that I would be doing tonight was reading or hiking. Just then Eva walked by, Mark completely forgot he was talking to me and shouted after her “Eva, Eva!” Glad to end the conversation, but I was left feeling invisible once again. Who would want to talk to me when they could speak to the goddess Eva? I am sure that list would be a total of 0 people. Walking down the hallway I could see the kids all getting excited for the game and the dance afterward.

Ashley ran up to me and jumping up and down “I can’t wait for tonight!!” I smiled at her, it was amazing how different we were, but best friends still. “It’s going to be so much fun! You’re coming, aren’t you?” I knew it would disappoint her if I said no. But I knew she could see that I had already made my decision by the look on my face. She frowned at me. “Come on, I need you at the dance, don’t make me go by myself.” She prodded. How could I get out of this? The look on her face left me wondering how could I say no and get away with it. I knew it was impossible.

“Ok, Ok I surrender! I‘ll go, I won’t like it but I will go.” I moaned in defeat. Ashley laughed, “Girl you need to have some fun. Maybe even find a boy.” She joked. I couldn’t tell her that I had found one that I knew I couldn’t have. She hugged me and ran off to prepare for tonight. Making it to my locker I started gathering my stuff.

Turning my head I heard a girl giggling. “Oh James, you’re so funny.” I knew that voice it was Jennifer. She went after every guy in school girlfriend or no girlfriend. Most times if they had a girlfriend they were all the more appealing to her. I knew it was just a matter of time before she went after James. I couldn’t bring myself to look at James to see if he was eating it up or if he was annoyed. “Well, it was nice talking to you Jessica,” I heard James say. It took all of my self control not to laugh hysterically. Apparently he was just as annoyed by Jennifer as I was. I turned in to my locker trying to control my laughter.

“Emma, how are you?” a voice came from behind me. His warm breath had the hairs standing up on the back of my neck. I didn’t need to turn around to know it was James. I already knew his voice by heart. I turned slowly to look at his gorgeous face, “I’m good. How are you?” I asked trying to control my heart beating out of my chest. My stomach felt like a flock of butterflies was dancing inside my stomach. “I’m doing great just getting ready for all the Homecoming fun.” James said rolling his eyes. I laughed. “Just prepare yourself it gets a lot worse trust me.” I said sympathetically. I was aware of the evil eye I was getting from Jennifer. I didn’t know what made her madder, him remembering my name or him leaving their conversation to talk to me. Either way I had the feeling I had made an enemy and I didn’t really care. “So Emma, are you going to the game tonight?” James asked shyly. Not sure of why it would matter to him in anyway.

“Yes, I guess I got shanghaied into going to the game and the dance by Ashley.” Grimacing I was still trying to figure a way out of it. James started to say something when Eva walked up grabbing his arm. “James, we have to go. We don’t want to keep Uncle waiting.” James twisted his head looking from me to Eva. It was apparent that Eva didn’t want him talking to me. I could see the way her eyes tightened when he looked at me. James sighed to himself “I guess I will see you later Emma.” James said reluctantly. “Ok, have a good night.” I offered up. Eva turned looking me up and down and practically sneered at me. What was that all about? Why would she act angry with me? I had never even spoken to her. Heading out to the car I could see James and Eva getting into their car, they were arguing. I would have loved to hear what they were saying.

I couldn’t imagine what they would have to fight about. I climbed in my car and headed home. I now had to start the grueling challenge of finding something that would work for the game and the dance afterward. I searched for something with red and black our school colors. I settled on a short red dress with black leggings and a short black denim vest over it. Trying to get out of my comfort zone, I brushed my hair out until it shined and put on a pair of black wedges. I was already wishing for my converse. I put on an extra coat of mascara and lip gloss and was pleased with the result. My eyes were shining and my cheeks were glowing. I was sure it was nerves. I went down stairs to get something to eat before leaving. “Wow!” My Dad said. “I’m not sure I should let you out of the house.” He said teasing.

“You might come home with some boy.” like that would ever happen I thought rolling my eyes. “No worries about that Dad, I am just going to support Ashley.” I reminded him. I warmed up some enchiladas my Mom had made earlier. “So what time to you want me home? 7 or 8?” I said half serious. “Well let’s see the dance ends at midnight? Just be home by 1 o’clock? He answered. “As in 1 am?” I couldn’t believe it. Dad smiled at me. “Yes, you need to get out and have some fun.” Wow where had I heard this before? “You sound just like Ashley.” I said aggravated.

“I guess I am in good company then,” Dad walked up and hugged me “Have fun tonight.” He headed off to the garage. He was always tinkering as he liked to call it when he was home. He liked doing a lot of woodworking and our house was full of special gifts he had made my Mom over the years. I made it to the game just in time for the opening kick-off. I figured I would let Ashley see me then I could go hide out in my car until the dance. I headed to the fence near the bleachers. There was so much excitement coming from every corner of the stands. The noise level was tremendous! The marching band played in the stands and there wasn’t a spare seat in the stands. I thought it was funny that everywhere I looked there were people in our school colors. Moms, Dads, and kids of all ages all dressed in red and black from head to toe. Ashley saw me and waved. I waved back glad that I had made my face shown. I would give it another 5 minutes and slip out. I knew nobody would notice if I did. Everyone was so into the game. Watching the game I once again wondered what the big deal was about boys hitting each other while going after a ball there had to be a thousand different things they could do for fun instead. I guess I would never understand it I sighed to myself. I turned to head to the parking lot, it was already dark and it was making me nervous.

I didn’t like being out in the dark alone I had been so jumpy lately. I used to watch scary movies and laugh, now I couldn’t even be in the same room and hear them. I could hear footsteps behind me I convinced myself it was just someone else heading to their car. I started to speed up, my heart started to pound in fear. Why was it I always felt like I was being watched lately? The footsteps sped up. I was getting scared, I could see my car and I started to make a run for it when I heard my name being called “Emma! Emma! Wait!” Only one voice could make me stop dead in my tracks.

It was James.


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  1. Girl You have to hurry and get this published…..shoot I shouldn’t have read any of it! I want to finish it…! LOL! Kinda like taking only one bite of chocolate.

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